Corporate clients


It is important to keep up the bookkeeping up to date so the daily or weekly transactions are timely processed. Our office can assist with the setting up of a solid administration or provide this service for your company.

Annual Reports
In this report all the yearly total income and expenses are shown and of course also the assets and liabilities are stated at the end of a year.
This report will assist you to make solid decisions for the new year.
This service can be provided by our office and also interim reports can be presented.

Tax returns

The main taxes for businesses that are applicable in the Netherlands are:

Normally all companies have to file Vat tax returns mostly on a quarterly basis, sometimes on a yearly basis depending on the size of the company. Besides these returns a ICP must be filed for any transactions within the EC

When a company has employees a payroll needs to be set up and monthly wage tax and social premiums have to be filed and paid. Also for the director of a BV a monthly wage tax return has to be filed.

Income Tax
As an entrepeneur you have to file a comprehensive tax return with the yearly accounts and apply the applicable tax facilities and deductions.

Corporate Tax
This tax is applicable to a BV(limited companies) and also here tax deductions are applicable.

Starting a new business

If you are thinking of setting up a business many aspects have to be taking into account, the legal and the fiscal side needs to be careful considered. Our company can help you with the following: